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Big Data Giving Job Market a Boost

Big Data Giving Job Market a BoostThe employment market has been slow to recover from the Great Recession. But Big Data is doing its part to push things along. According to one financial-sector recruiting firm, programming and database skills are in heavy demand, leading the search pack by "a wide margin." C and Java language skills are especially being sought.

By no coincidence at all, C and Java are key languages for Big Data applications. C provides the blistering speed needed to crunch vast quantities of data, and Java is favored for data engines such as Hadoop.

Next on the high-demand skill list is good old SQL, the database query language. Yes, Big Data is often about unstructured data, but in the Big Data era a lot of data is still being stored in classical relational databases. And SQL is being put to work for non-relational databases as well.

As Brian Proffitt notes at ReadWrite, even financial sector positions that are not specifically about programming often call for programming skills. Thus an investment bank and securities firm advertises for a quantitative analyst – someone at home with matrix-oriented languages such as MATLAB or Python, and not intimidated by Ruby or SQL.