PowerLink Platform

Deployment, Integration and Control – Managing millions of records per second.

PowerLink Platform delivers comprehensive real-time solutions for Industrial IoT businesses across data rich industries. PowerLink’s set of components provide fast and effective SaaS and PaaS controls for industry automation data processing and monitoring through machine learning.

Industrial IoT just got smarter.

Built specifically for managing utility power grids, PowerLink Platform streamlines every step for advanced data management.

  • Acquire data
  • Analyse information
  • Visualize Insights


High performance scalability designed for customization

Collect and manage real-time data from multiple sources (PMU, RTU-SCADA, DFR and other IEDs) including fast history searching and system stability enhancement.

Advanced PDC for Power Industry Solutions

  • PMU based Electric Grid Management
  • Power Plant management
  • Power Grid Analysis


  • Situational awareness ( power grid monitoring)
  • Blackout Prevention
  • Wide area monitoring
  • Novel PMU/PDC development


GRT Services that utilise PowerLink and other platforms brings analytics modernization for stronger data management – Expansion. Optimization. Visualization . Put the power of machine learning , in-memory processing and in-database analytics to work. Modernizing Big Data has leapt to the forefront in many industries, providing new avenues for profit and strengthening efficiency.

  • Limitless Data
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Ambient Visualisation

Solutions are only as strong as their implementation. Consult a GRT specialist to bring efficiency and control never before available to the data rich industries.

The tools needed for modern data management.




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