PowerLink Platform

Industrial IoT just got a lot smarter

Many industries require a higher level of data management on a secure and stable network. The PowerLink Platform delivers comprehensive Industrial IoT connectivity and control. Manage data in real-time across multiple sources (PMU, RTU-SCADA, DFR and other IEDs).

PowerLink streamlines every step for advanced data management.

Connects multiple data streams for advanced analytics – extracting actionable, real-time insights.

powerlink platform, IoT, SCADA, APDC, MQTT, PDC



Rapid Application Deployment

A combination of connected data streams, IoT and real-time processing applications that enable high-speed computation within its unified framework.


Built-in Tools

Quick history searches and a suite of other tools include deploying, stream processing, analytics and visualization – all within an integrated platform designed for the power sector.


Distributed Time-Series Storage

Enhances real-time data processing through distributed data repositories for collection and exchange between nodes



A cloud-based platform that provides a diverse range of APIs –SCADA, ModbusRTU, OPC, MQTT

PowerLink Components

Integrates a suite of complementary components for ingesting, storing, analysing and visualizing data processing streams within its framework.


  • High speed data ingestion from source adaptors
  • High Quality input data
  • Peer-to-Peer Distributed data exchange
  • Enterprise Integration using web services
  • Cloud ready infrastructure
  • Conducting equipment models, grid models and CIM compatible

Store and Organize

Put Big Data’s real-time intelligence to practical use, right when it matters most.

  • Security, authentication and validation
  • Meta data-driven information storage, calculation and archiving
  • High speed processing using In-memory grid (HAZELCAST)
  • Time-series data storage (Apache Cassandra™
  • Separate Topology and Log storage (IEC 61970/61968 CIM compatible, Apache Cassandra™

Analyze and Prescribe

Go beyond the historical value of self-service reporting and data discovery to add Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to your toolbox.

  • Ready for Python, R, or Matlab
  • Machine Learning Algorithms – KMeans, Linear Regression, PCA, Decision Trees, Random Forrest
  • Open API for Advanced Analytics/Machine learning
  • Define distractions and identify patterns
  • Track usage metrics with real-time charts & graphs.


Increase unbiased perspective and guidance through embedded control for clearer, faster decision making.

  • Real-time mapping of data streams.
  • Analytics automation
  • Real-time intelligence
  • Customizable user experience
  • Geographic visualization
  • Multi-layer local & global views
  • Based on HTML 5, WebGL and JavaScript

Scalable Architecture

PowerLink in-memory grids bring scalable function ready for fast deployments and high performance control. From IED receivers and transmitters to Cassandra nodes, components can be installed across different severs while still meeting your business & security needs.

In-Memory Grid

PowerLink distributed architecture and its in-memory grid ensures that data exchange can be done regardless of the number of data sources generating data or their locations.

  • Maximize storage space with less servers for Dynamical Restructuring
  • Scale node performance for fast deployment
  • Distributed and Cloud-based scaling architecture