Analytics modernization

Let your data work for you…

By securely putting data insights into the hands of decision makers right where they need it, companies can now seize greater control of their operations and their bottom line. GRT Services delivers a solid foundation for modern analytics utilizing PowerLink or other platform providers, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Cloudera, and AWS.

  • Adaptive to new business goals
  • Increases Business Intelligence scale for big data
  • Enables new analytics applications, tools & data types

Modernization keeps analytics competitive, relevant and aligned with new business and technology requirements. Analytics Modernization brings features previously untapped: in-memory databases, in-database analytics, real-time functions, and data federation or virtualization.

PowerLink platform together with Smart Advanced Analytics Services make data driven organizations competitive and relevant in an ever-changing business world, Our solution brings practical advantages: visualization, advanced analytics and data preparation..

Smart Data Brings Countless Applications…


Real-Time BigData Integration

GRT provides enhanced BigData integration services to businesses looking to receive real-time insight from collected data. Our solutions are built to integrate data from SQL and non-SQL data sources. GRT integration services deliver:


Real-time insight with IoT integration

Real-time Security

Real-time Fraud Detection


Real-Time Data Pipeline

Business insight drives the decision-making process. Integrating the necessary tools for predictive analytics is our specialty.

Optimizing industrial data is not a one-size-fits-all concern. To tailor effective analysis, precision algorithms and custom techniques are developed.

Data Mining

Process and compare historical trends for fast decision-making.

Machine Learning

Apply refined model to your historical data by leveraging cross validation and domain expertise .

Predictive Analytics

Forecast sales, returns, market demands and supply chain issues.

Stream Analytics

Leverage stream processing engine to perform real-time processing of device data.

Business insight drives the decision-making process

Utilising different tools and technologies Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra, GRT couples machine learning with human ingenuity:

  • Future transaction trends are predicted
  • Decisions guides by data insight
  • Overhead operational cost is reduced

Integrating the necessary tools for predictive analytics is our specialty

GRT experts are dedicated to highly functional, highly customizable data streaming environment to conduct real business. Fluid integration means companies can collect, store, analyze, search and predict with tools from:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Apache and
  • Google

Integrate Modern Infrastructure


Data Visualization is an essential element of solid BI – essential to providing a clear view of the entire landscape, where sometimes a picture is worth a million words…




Valuable data is actionable data, where information can be minded for fast, informed decision making in all areas of business – keeping you competitive and ready for what’s next.


  • Customer activity
  • Market conditions
  • Trending & declining patterns


  • Actionable Insights
  • Surpassing 3-D charts & graphs
  • Reduces internal IT needs
  • Share data more easily

Risk-Based IIoT Security

A risk-based approach brings IoT network owners cost-effective security control while achieving near-term compliance. It allows owners to use what they know about the threat environment to make informed decisions. GRT lets you address compliance issues concurrently, and prioritize mapping to current requirements with threat-based security controls.

Three Step Solution…

Assess: gain network visibility into the current environment through mapping your network and inventorying IoT assets.

Implement: In layering your network, the system is hardened while implementing security controls based on threat model.

Formalize: Setting policies & procedures and training employees for the evolving vulnerabilities and network changes..